Tree planting in Neuwied

Tree planting in Neuwied, near Raiffeisen Monument on occasion of the visit of Mayor Jennifer-Hannah Gray from 14.-17. April 2023

Review:          The town twinning deed between Neuwied and Bromley was signed under very difficult weather conditions in Bromley/Kent in October 1987.

In the night before, a hurricane swept across the country, devastated villages, damaged thousands of houses and fallen trees blocked the roads, majestic, old, strong trees were uprooted, snapped like matchsticks, knocked down traffic signs, the power supply was cut off. In all this chaos, a plane from Germany landed at Heathrow, on the restricted runway, with flapping wings. Mayor Karlheinz Schmelzer and several city councilors signaled on board to sign the town twinning agreement. No storm, no matter how bad, could prevent this certification.

Stop:                So far the symbolism and meaning of today’s tree planting in the 36th year after the founding of the town twinning

Today:           The seed becomes the germ and seedling
           the little plant grows into a proud tree
           The roots penetrate deep and deeper into the soil
            to position them selves as there.
Future:       Growing is announced:
The delicate twigs slowly transform into a strong arm of wood.
In spring, tender blossoms soon serve as food for the bees,
after that green leaves will sprout,
They protect us from wind and weather.
The sun gives with its light and warmth the power to grow.
The rain supplies the small cells with its juice.
Yes, it is noble to plant a tree,
there is much hope hidden in this action!
The hope of a long life
Magnificent development, a growth in health,
in harmony with other living beings.
We wish the same for the town twinning!

After more than 35 years, both towns and people in Neuwied and Bromley become friends and have grown together.

The roots – the trunk – the branches – the leaves – the fruits yes —- that’s us!!

Thank you Mme. Jennifer-Hannah Gray for the pioneerin idea of planting a tree and forward-looking growing idea.

We wish the citizens of both cities growth, clean air, enough water, understanding and friendship.

This “Pillar Rock Pear” tree symbolizes good wishes!

Written and presented by Inge Gütler, founding member, today honorary chairwoman Friends of Neuwied-Bromley e.V.